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What is Hockey 5s?

First played in preparation for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, Hockey 5s is a super-fast, highly skilful, short format of hockey which is designed to be adaptable to multiple surfaces, environments and space. Hockey5s is an invasion game played between two teams with 4 field players and a goalkeeper.

Hockey 5s was first played competitively in preparation for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and was quickly adopted by many nations in search of an outdoor short format of Hockey. Hockey 5s incorporates all the skills and game principles of Hockey. With fewer players, less space and rebound boards on all 4 sides of the court, Hockey 5s also presents a range of different tactical options to other formats. Whilst there are specific requirements for playing surface and equipment at an elite level, the guiding philosophy of Hockey 5s is its adaptability for grassroots development.

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2024 FIH Hockey5s World Cup

The 2024 FIH Hockey5s World Cup took place in Muscat, Oman from 24 January - 1 February. The 2024 tournament was the first time that the Hockey5s format has been associated with a World Cup. 

The inaugural edition of the Hockey5s World Cup saw participation from across the globe with 16 men’s and 16 women’s teams, from across 5 continents, competing for the title of the first ever Hockey5s World Champions. 

The women's competition commenced the tournament on 24 January with finals being played on 27 January. The men's competition began straight after on 28 January with the finals scheduled for 31 January. 

Australia entered the World Cup strong winning in both the Mens and Womens Hockey5s Oceania Cup, which was held on the Gold Coast. Unfortunatley this luck didn't carry through to the World Cup. The women competed in Pool B with South Africa, Ukraine and Zambia, winning one of their three pool matches and finishing 11th overall. The men competed in Pool C with Trinidad & Tobago, Kenya and New Zealand. They drew one of their three pool matches finishing 11th overall. 

The Netherlands continued their strong performance in all things hockey, claiming both the mens and womens inaugural Hockey5s titles. The Dutch women won 7-2 over India whilst the men had a 5-2 win over Malaysia. 

Victorian Representation

A total of 7 players from Victoria participated in the tournament across the women's and men's teams.


Jamie Zimmerman (Powerhouse & St Kilda Hockey Club)

Jayde Temby (Camberwell Hockey Club)

Dacia Koelmeyer (Waverley Hockey Club)


Callum Bridge (Technique Hockey Club)

Liam Kerr-Nelson (Geelong Hockey Club)

Kieran Symons (Altona Hockey Club)

Nathan McDonald (Altona Hockey Club)

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Hockey 5s at Hockey Victoria

In 2024, Hockey Victoria will be running Hockey 5s in following locations:

  • Venue Based U8 and U10 Competitions
  • Goulburn Valley Hockey Association (Shepparton)
  • Hockey Central Victoria (Bendigo)
  • Hockey South West (Warrnambool)
  • La Trobe Valley Hockey Association (Churchill)

2023 GVHA Summer Hockey 5s

Wednesday 11 October - Wednesday 6 December 2023


GVHA Summer Hockey5s – Rules & Regulations

The following rules apply in all age groups.

1. Field and Team Composition

  1. This is a social competition. There will be a ladder, but no finals series.
  2. Matches will be played inside of the Hockey 5s rebound boards.
  3. Each team will have a maximum of 5 players on the field.
  4. Each team may choose to play with a fully-kitted goalkeeper as one of their five players.
    1. If a team chooses to play without a goalkeeper, then their team will have five field players, none of whom have goalkeeping privileges.

2. Matches

  1. Matches will be played according to the FIH Hockey 5s rules of hockey, except where variations have been made according to the HV Rules & Regulations, the GVHA By-laws, or this document.
  2. Matches will consist of two 20-minute halves, with a 2-minute half-time break. The clock will begin at the scheduled match commencement, regardless if teams are ready or not.
    1. In the event of extreme heat these timings may be modified or games may be cancelled.
  3. There is to be no tomahawks or hitting. Slap hitting (where the swing and follow-through are along the ground, is permitted).
  4. One umpire will be appointed to each match.
  5. There will be a match day facilitator present at all games. The match day facilitator will be responsible for all game day logistics.


Senior Fixture -

Junior Fixture -


Term 4 2023

Social U12s Competition (4 teams)

Social Open Competition (8 teams)

U16s Competition (2 teams)

Open Competition (6 teams)

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