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The Drag Flick Technique

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 How does my child get involved in Hockey Victoria’s High Performance Pathway?

Athletes that are new to the High Performance Pathway at Hockey Victoria should attend Draft Camp in order to be identified by an Athlete Identification Officer (AIO), from there they can be selected into our Academy Program. The next step for the athlete is to progress through the Final Player Assessment phases (1 & 2) to ultimately gain State Team Selection. If the athlete is unsuccessful at Draft Camp, meaning they were not apart of the Academy Program, then they would need to attend an Open Player Assessment session for a chance at a spot at Final Player Assessment 1.

 How do Athletes gain selection into the Hockey Victoria Academy?

Athletes gain selection either via auto entry from being a member of the previous years State Team or have gained selection through Draft Camp. These are the only two ways to gain selection into the Academy.

 Do all Athletes have to nominate for State Team selection, what if they are already in the Academy or attend an Open Player Assessment session?

Yes. All athletes, no matter what, must nominate if they wish to be considered for state selection, the nomination fee is $45. The nomination fee includes the administration and the evaluation of the athlete by our Athlete Identification Officers (AIOs), which either takes place at our Elite Skill Development Days (ESDD) or our Final Player Assessment Days (FPA1/FPA2). Please note, not all athletes nominate for state selection i.e. some athletes who attend the ESDD’s are there for their own personal development as opposed to state selection.

 What are Final Player Assessments and who attends these assessment days?

Final Player Assessments are the final phase of the state team selection process. All Academy athletes are guaranteed a spot at Final Player Assessment 1, but must still nominate for their relevant state team. From here they will need to be selected if they are to progress through to Final Player Assessment 2, after which the state teams are named.

 If an athlete is not part of the Hockey Victoria Academy, can they still be selected in a State Team?

Yes. However, the athlete would need to attend an Elite Skill Development Day in order to be assessed by an AIO (Athlete Identification Officer) to see if selection is warranted through to Final Player Assessment 1 (FPA1), which is the 1st trial phase for state team selection.

 How do I work out which age-group my child belongs to for this year?

Your child needs to be of age or under, the year National Championships are taking place i.e. For an under 15 athlete, they CANNOT turn 16 the year of the National Tournament, so they can be 15 at the tournament but must remain 15 years of age until December 31st 23:59. Please check with the Hockey Victoria High Performance Department if you are still unsure or need more clarification on this, alternatively you can use this Age Calculator to work out which age-group your child belongs to.

 How does an athlete gain selection into the Victoria Institute of Sport (VIS)?

The athlete MUST be nationally identified and categorised at the U18 or U21 Australian National Championships by an Australian National Selection Panel, usually consisting of the National Junior Coach and appointed panel. When you are nationally identified and categorised, and only then, are you eligible for a VIS Scholarship. Please note, Scholarships offered by State Institutes around the country can vary with regards to each Institute having their own selection criteria, The Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) through their own policies, will only bring on an athlete that is categorised under current AIS/ASC/HA criteria. The opportunities to enter the VIS on scholarship traditionally start at U18 level and continue through to HockeyOne.

 What is the Australian Futures Squad and how do athletes gain selection?

The Australian Futures Squad is a selection of athletes usually aged 18 and Under, the criteria for these groups vary based on the current schedule of events in the calendar year, Junior World Cup, National Camps structure etc. The athlete MUST be nationally identified at the U18 Australian National Championships by an Australian National Selection panel, usually consisting of the National Junior coach and appointed panel. The Futures Squad is then serviced by the member association which in this case would be the Hockey Victoria High Performance Department.


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