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Our programs are designed to provide a fun, engaging and inclusive 45min – 1 hour session of hockey once a week for 6 weeks. Our sessions aim to develop your child/ren’s social and motor skills, as well as build their confidence in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

All of our coaches and volunteers have taken part in our community coaching workshop which includes an inclusive coaching component. They have either or both, hockey coaching experience or a background of working with people with a disability.

We aim to have a coach to participant ratio of 1-3 and try our best to cater our activities to meet the needs of our participants, as well as their current interests. We understand that every participant is different and appreciate all parents and carers assisting our coaching staff and volunteers in getting to know your child/ren by filling in the ‘Participant information sheet’ form at the first session, as well as communicate any new interests your child may have during the course of the program.

All AAA Hockey locations have a sensory room/area set up in their clubrooms or outside in a marquee for players to utilize at any time during the session. The sensory room/area is designed to help participants deregulate and then return to the session as they wish.



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Please access our Player Information Form Here: Player Information Form




Communication Cards

Hockey Victoria in partnership with Scope have created a group of communications cards to assist coaches, especially those working with participants with communication difficulties.

These Communication card provide both basic pictures on the front and Auslan signs on the back of the cards. The cards can be downloaded, printed and used on a lanyard during practical on field sessions.

Communication Boards

This Communication board is fantastic to have displayed on registration desks, receptions in the club rooms to facilitates communication for children and members with limited expressive language ability. They communication by pointing, gesturing or gazing at the various symbols and pictures.

Please have these displayed all of the time!

Inclusive Coach Handbook

This inclusive hockey coaching resource has been produced to assist coaches to adapt their delivery methods to best support participants of all abilities.

Inclusive coaching should not be considered a separate coaching skill but a reflection of best practice.

Being inclusive means adapting and modifying coaching practices and activities to ensure that every participant – regardless of age, gender, ability level, disability or ethnic background – is included.
Coaching athletes with disabilities or those from various multi-cultural groups is no different to coaching any mixed group of athletes with varying abilities. Making small adaptions can often make a big difference in a participant’s enjoyment of an activity, especially if it increases their ability to successfully complete a task.

Special Olympics E-module

Special Olympics Australia has developed an online learning hub that will help you grow and enhance your skills and ability to interact with people with intellectual disabilities and autism, and provide them with greater sporting opportunities.

SOA Learn provides a platform designed to help teachers, mentors and coaches improve the delivery of sport and physical activity for people with an intellectual disability and autism

Click here for more information and to register today

Inclusive workshops

Hockey Victoria’s inclusive coaching workshop is designed to provide coaches with additional information and education to support their players with disabilities and diverse cultural backgrounds.

The workshop will include:

* Fundamental hockey skills

* Key coaching points and adaptions to include everyone in your session

* Session planning

* Practical assessment

* Community Coach Accreditation

For more information please contact Hockey Victoria at

What is a welcoming and inclusive club?

A welcoming and inclusive club is a club that everyone is made to feel valued and welcome, regardless of their ability, background or personal attributes. A welcoming and inclusive sporting club is a safe and friendly place which is free of harassment and discrimination.

Why should your club become an inclusive club?

Being seen as a welcoming and inclusive organisation promotes your club in a positive light and makes it more appealing to potential participants, volunteers, sponsors and other supporters.

What are the potential benefits of being an inclusive club?

– Helps attract and retain members and volunteers to the club

– Financial benefits

– Greater awareness of your club and its achievements within the local community.

– A greater pool of volunteers

– A welcoming club environment with no one feeling unwanted or discriminated against.

– Increased skills and abilities within the club.

– An improved image within the community

– An ability to make a positive contribution to the overall health and well-being of the community.

– Greater recognition with councils, media, and possible sponsors.

– A more diverse membership

– Enables more people to be involved in Hockey.

Additional information can be sources from the following key inclusion organisations: