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HV launches a new specialised goalscoring + goalkeeping program

Published Thu 28 Mar 2024

Registrations are now open for our Goalkeeping + Goalscoring Program.

This program will provide athletes with the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques under qualified and experienced National and International coaches.

The first Specialised Skill program block will run across four Sundays in April, May and June, two 1.5-hour timeslots for U16 and 16+ athletes and will focus on Goalscoring, and Goalkeeping.

The program will involve a range of goalscoring skills consisting of a variety of shots (forehand, backhand, deflections, first touch, areal) in different areas of the circle.

The program will involve a range of skills consisting of, aerial saves, kicking drills, footwork and circle movement, close range saves, diving and sliding, defending penalty corners. 

To register and for more information, CLICK HERE - SPEC DEVELOPMENT Goalkeeping and Goalscoring Program 2024