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2023 Racism Survey results

Published Fri 23 Feb 2024

Hockey Victoria is committed to developing welcoming and inclusive environments that are equitable for all Victorians. HV recognises the importance of engaging diverse community groups in growing participation, as well as valuing inclusivity and understanding the social responsibilities sport has in providing opportunities for all.  

To ensure we are inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds it is important that we understand the current sentiment and attitudes towards those from racial minority groups within our sport.  

In 2023, Hockey Victoria invited all competition affiliates and social media followers to participation in the Racism in Sport Survey. The survey asked participants provide their understanding and experiences of racism. A total of 833 responses were received from our community.   


The results identify that racism does occur within our sport in a wide range of clubs and situations, not just those with one predominant culture. They also show that clubs and members are willing to learn more, to better understand and reduce the prevalence of racism within our community.   

In response to these results, Hockey Victoria has developed an Anti-Racism Campaign to help our community learn more to better understand racism.  


We are taking the approach of awareness through education and have developed several education and networking sessions to address the issues that were raised. The first sessions will be held at the Club Conference on Saturday 2nd and 3rd March. For more information on the Club Development Conference and session times refer to our Club Development Conference page

These sessions, combined with a marketing campaign to promote awareness of this issue to our community are just the first steps. HV will continue developing welcoming and inclusive environments that are equitable for all Victorians. 

If you have any questions regarding the Racism Survey results and Anti-Racism Campaign please contact Dominique Bebbington, Outer Suburban Growth Manager on