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Click here to download a copy of the Hockey Victoria Inclusion Policy

Social inclusion is about making sure everyone is able to participate as valued, respected and contributing members of society.  It is also about the acceptance and equal treatment of members of the wider community regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexuality, age, disability, religious or cultural background, or other attributes that may lead to people feeling excluded or isolated.  This policy provides Hockey Victoria’s (HV) position on the inclusion of all people.


Sport can play a powerful role in:

  • Contributing to the development of healthier communities and individuals
  • Increasing social connection and shaping acceptable social norms
  • Promoting multiculturalism

Research shows that lower than average participation rates in some population groups, compounded by discrimination when participating in sport.  It is important that HV takes an active leadership role in supporting and encouraging diverse participation in all aspects of Hockey, including in coaching, officiating and administrative roles.


This policy is based on

  • Inclusion principles  – access, participation and support
  • Essence of Australian Sport principles – fair play, respect, responsibility and safety
  • Requirements under anti-discrimination and equal opportunity laws

This policy promotes:

  • Social and community values
  • The importance of valuing both participation and competition
  • A respectful approach that values difference and diversity between people
  • Treatment of people with respect, dignity and courtesy
  • Good behaviour on and off the field (in line with HV Codes of Conduct and HV Rules & Regulations)
  • Equal opportunity and a fair go for all members

Policy Coverage

This policy covers all HV areas of authority and applies to everyone involved in the activities of HV including committee and Directors, staff, volunteers, players, coaches, administrators, parents and stakeholders.


The purpose of this policy is to help HV take action to promote inclusion and prevent and manage problems associated with discrimination within Hockey.  Our aim is to provide an environment where all people feel:

  • Welcome
  • Represented
  • Included in decision making
  • Able to participate
  • Safe and free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and vilification.

Position Statement

HV embraces diversity and difference and is committed to providing healthy sporting environments that are safe, inclusive, accessible and equitable.  This commitment includes a focussed approach to actively encouraging and supporting the inclusion of, people of different genders, age, ethnicity, ability, religion, income, sexuality and race in all aspects of our sport.  Our approach will be meaningful to each individual and equitable to all participants involved in hockey.

HV’s Commitment

HV has adopted the following strategies to ensure its commitment to being an inclusive organisation.  HV will:

  • Actively identify and reduce barriers to participation for minority and under-represented populations
  • Consult with the community groups, affiliates and make strong relationships with other organisation to facilitate inclusive practices and remove barriers to participation
  • Ensure minority populations are given the opportunity to participate in all aspect of hockey.
  • Provide opportunities for all in coaching, officiating and leadership positions.
  • Continue to provide Member Protection training for HV staff and affiliates
  • Review processes for recruitment onto HV subcommittees, boards, paid position, volunteer positions
  • Require our members to undertake practices that actively encourage and support participation by all, ensuring diversity is recognised, respected, valued and welcomed.

Related Policies

This inclusion policy should be read in conjunction with the HV:

Member Protection Policy –Provides our position on harassment, discrimination, child protection.  It outlines the legal and ethical rights and responsibilities of those involved in our sport. In addition it  provides the procedure for dealing with complaints that may relate to this Inclusion policy.

Code of Conduct – Outlines the behaviour expected and required by HV.

HV Diversity Statement– Outlines the benefits and expected behaviour of HV staff and board.

HV Inclusion Statement – Outlines HV’s commitment to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), social justice, diversity and creating respectful environments.

Review, Additions or Amendments

This policy will be evaluated bi-annually.   In addition recommendations for changes can be submitted at any time to the Manager- People and Culture.  If a change is consequently required, this will then be tabled for discussion at the next board meeting.  All changes to policy will be communicated with staff and affiliates and revised policy made available on HV website.

Relevant websites

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The HV Inclusion policy will be reviewed and modified on a bi-annual basis.