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The Hockey Victoria Winter Season is held from April through to September. Sporting a range of competitions from Game Clothing Premier League, Masters Over 60s to Under 10s Half Field Games. These competitions allow more members, both Men and Women, more Opportunities to Play.

Competition Grades

The highest level of competition in Victoria, Premier League Entry is a whole club philosophy to grow the game and see the top 12 teams in both Men's and Women's Leagues compete for the Premiership Cup.

Rounds: 22 Round Home and Away Season (including four midweek matches)

Days of Play: Saturday & Sunday

Finals: The top 6 fight it out over 3 weeks for the coveted Grand Final places to claim the ultimate prize.

Under pinning the Premier League is the Vic Leagues 1, 2 and 3. This structure allows the Senior team for all clubs to compete against teams of their level. These leagues consist of up to 10 teams, with each side playing each other at least 2 times.

Rounds: 18 rounds - Home and Away structure

Days of Play: Saturday & Sundays

Finals: Top four battle it out in a 3-week Finals Series.

The crowned winner from each League Senior team, being offered the opportunity for promotion. This Competition is played on Saturday and Sundays.

The pennant competition is a graded 10 team Home and Away competitions over 18 rounds. With Pennant A – G in the Men and A-F in the women it provides clubs with competitive hockey for all levels of senior players. Top four fight it out for the opportunity for Promotion these grades are played across a mix of Saturdays and Sundays.

A great level of competition for the beginner player or junior starting out in Seniors, the Metro Competitions are offered as a regionalised competition playing against teams of the same level. Offered as a Weekend Competition, teams play home and away across 18 weeks with the top four playing for the premiership.

A range of age-based competitions, Hockey Victoria offers Women’s Over 35s and 45s Men’s Over 45’s, 50’s and 60’s played on Monday and Wednesday Nights. These popular competitions are played over 18 rounds to end with the top four, three-week final series to compete the Premiership and bragging rights!

This Competition is an Open Age, graded competition. With the benefits of the Masters competition being mid-week at regular timeslots within your local area. This competition has been set up to provide players of all ages a competition that doesn’t require the commitment of the weekend competitions and the ability to still participate in a quality competition. 18 Rounds and a four team final series to determine who will take home the premiership flag!

Junior Hockey is provided to allow all juniors the opportunity to play in competitions of their level and age groups across, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and Under 18s.

Under 14-18 are played in Home and Away Series, predominately on a Friday Night. Under 8-12s are played, in most cases, on Saturday Mornings.


The premier competition for each Junior age group, Teams will play the top teams across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Teams for the Shield Premiership. These grades are played as Boys and Girls Only.

14 Rounds with the premiership to be decided by the top 4 across 2 weeks of Finals.

Age Groups: Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s


This level of competition allows juniors to play in a more regionalised competition, generally North West, South East Based. It is offered as Girls and Boys Only Grades.

14 Rounds with the premiership to be decided by the top 4 across 2 weeks of Finals.

Age Groups: Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s


A great entry level competition for juniors, this grade allows clubs a great opportunity to grow and provide a mixed grade.

14 Rounds with the premiership to be decided by the top 4 across 2 weeks of Finals.

Age Groups: Under 14s, Under 16s, Under 18s

Half Field

The half field Competitions are developed to play on smaller fields with smaller teams. Promoting more touches and greater participation rates for engaging juniors. Part of our pathway to play, it is a fantastic opportunity for Hook in to Hockey Participants to enjoy weekly, term-based competitions. There is no premiership for Half Field Competitions. These competitions are also played as Boys or Mixed and Girls Only competitions.

Age Groups:  Under 12s

Started in 2023, the League Cup is a pre-season tournament hosted by Hockey Victoria, with the aim of providing certainty, excitement and competitiveness in scheduled pre-season matches, as clubs look to warm up for the Winter Season.


The tournament will be played as a single match elimination knockout format, making each match a must-win, as teams compete for the League Cup, plus the  $3000 cash prize and bragging rights that comes with it. Teams that win will progress on to the next round, whilst teams that lose will play the remainder of their pre-season matches in the loser’s bracket.


For more information, view the 2024 League Cup Guide.

Admin Hub


As of 2023 a National Transfer Process exists requiring any player who is registering for a different club in the current year than their primary club from the year prior must request and recieve a transfer before completing their registration.

Hockey Australia have provided a guide as to how the process works in RevSPORT it is avaliable here clubs should read this in full before continuing below

Impact of the transfer process on Hockey Victoria Affiliates and Competition Management.

  1. The transfer process will be commenced anytime a player registers for a club that is not their primary club from the year prior.
    As such any player who is registering for a secondary or third affiliate in the current year i.e. for the purpose of Indoor or Summer Hockey should register for their primary affiliate first and dual register for their Indoor or Summer team.
  2. Clubs not currently setup for registrations

If your primary club has not setup registrations for the 2023 year and you need to register, we recommend registering for your new club and advising your primary club that you will dual register with them. This is most likely the case in the regional context as currently only 3 metropolitan affiliates have not setup registrations.

  1. As players cannot fully register prior to the transfer being completed are they covered under the insurance program?

Yes they are covered from the time they commence their registration i.e. request the transfer

  1. Regional Association

Should review their rules and regulations to allow for the management of transfers via RevSPORT

  1. Transfer Notifications

All affiliates should ensure the appropriate people in their club have access to RevSPORT and are setup for notifications regarding transfers. Anyone needing assistance with this can contact the office.

  1. HV Competition Rules – 7 Day transfer period

This rule still applies and clubs have 7 days from the date of the request being lodged to approve or decline a transfer request. Requests not actioned in this time will be approved by HV.

Clubs who wish to decline a request or have it on hold whilst resolving outstanding matters with players should write to the clubs involved and cc

  1. Transfers in season

The outlined process only occurs when the player registers for the first time each year. Should a player arrive after the commencement of the season, clubs should clarify with that player whether they have registered and or played in the current season. If they have a transfer will need to be requested via the Transfer module in RevSPORT

  1. Primary Club

There will be situations where a member is listed in RevSPORT as a primary member with a club that would be deemed their secondary club due to how the member registered in 2022. In this situation members should still request the transfer to ensure their record is linked correct to their Primary club.

  1. Definition of a Primary Club

HV will consider the following in relation to a player’s primary club

  • 18 or Under – Junior Club is the primary club regardless of the competition they participate in
  • Over 18 – Senior Club is the primary club regardless of the competition they participate in.