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Hockey 5s Carnival (Juniors, Seniors & Masters)


The Hockey5s Carnival is an exciting new addition to the Hockey Victoria Events calendar and is set to take place over the June long weekend in 2024.

Hockey5s is one of three FIH recognised versions of the sport (along with 11 a side and Indoor Hockey). It is the newest version of Hockey and the first ever Hockey5s World Cup will take place in January 2024.

Over the course of 2023, Hockey5s was introduced in Victoria with the highlight being the Under 12 Hockey5s Junior State Championship. There were 24 teams competing in this Event and it proved to be fantastic to introduce this age group to both Hockey 5s, as well as the Junior State Championships. It has also been played across several Regional Associations in 2023.

On the back of this, HV has developed the Hockey5s Carnival to provide seniors, juniors and masters with the opportunity to not only sample this version of the game but also have a heap of fun on the June long weekend (Saturday 8th – Monday 10th June, 2024).

There are only 5 players on the pitch per team, so it is very easy to get a team together!


Date: Saturday 8th June - Monday 10th June, 2024 (long weekend)

Location: Footscray Hockey Centre

HV hope to see sufficient team entries to be able to deliver the following divisions:




Under 14 Boys, Under 16 Boys, Under 14 Girls, Under 16 Girls

(there will be a Shield Level and Pennant level offered for each age group)


Men’s A Grade, Men’s B Grade, Women’s A Grade, Women’s B Grade


Men’s 35+, Men’s 45+, Women’s 35+, Women’s 45+


Team entries are welcome from metropolitan and regional teams of all ages!


It will be a round robin competition, with matches against teams in your division and then classification matches to confirm final standings. So, teams can expect to be playing multiple matches per day. Matches are likely to be either 2 x 10-minute halves or 2 x 15-minute halves.

Hockey5s incorporates all the skills and game principles of Hockey. With fewer players, less space and rebound boards on all 4 sides of the court, Hockey5s also presents a range of different tactical options to other formats. The key information is as follows:

  • 4 x field players and 1 x Goalkeeper on the pitch for each team.
  • Rebound boards on all 4 sides of the court (approximately 30cm high) to keep the ball in play.
  • Field is approximately 40m long and 24m wide, with full sized hockey goals at both ends.
  • Goals can be scored from anywhere in your attacking half of the field.


To check out some of the highlights from the Under 12 Hockey5s JSC in 2023, please use the following links.

2023 JSC Hockey 5s Video

2023 Under 12 Boys JSC Gold Medal Match Highlights  


For some the key rule differences between Hockey5s and 11-a-side hockey, please click here.

There are two options to get invovled in this exciting new Event:

  • Enter a team through your club
    • Team entry information went to clubs on 7th December. So get a group of mates together and ask them to enter a team for you!
  • Register an expression of interest as an individual through this link 
    • Once the deadline to submit an EOI passes, we will either form a hybrid team with others that are keen to be invovled OR put you in contact with a team that needs some additional players.

Team entries and individual EOIs are due by 5pm on 6th May, 2024.