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All participants, whether you are a player, team staff member, club administrator, official or spectator, are expected to adhere to the behavioural policies outlined by Hockey Victoria, including but not limited to the Hockey Victoria Code of Conduct.


Rule 7 of the HV Rules Document and Schedule 1 Section 4 detail the HV disciplinary rules.


If you believe you have witnessed or been subject to an incident on or off pitch, you can report it by filling in the below form and submit to

Incident Report Form



Current Suspensions

Elizabeth Delanty - PHSTK WPLR - 3 match suspension 

Scott Dodds - KBH Brumbies MOB SE - 1 match suspended sentence until end of 2024 Winter Competition inc. Finals

Richard Lawrence - MMNW 45+ -  6 match suspension to be served in the 2024 Winter Competition 



Files available for download