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Junior State Championships


Hockey Victoria is delighted to announce Bendigo and Shepparton as hosts of the 2024 Junior State Championships.


After successfully delivering the Event in Bendigo and Shepparton in 2021, it is with great excitement we return to Regional Victoria with the support of Goulburn Valley Hockey Association, Greater Shepparton City Council, Hockey Central Vic and the City of Greater Bendigo.

BENDIGO will host the following:

  • Under 14 & Under 16 Boys – Friday 5th July to Sunday 7th July, 2024
  • Under 18 Boys & Girls – Saturday 21st September to Monday 23rd September

SHEPPARTON will host the following:

  • Under 14 & Under 16 Girls – Friday 5th July to Sunday 7th July, 2024
  • Under 12 Boys & Girls Hockey 5s – Wednesday 3rd July to Thursday 4th July, 2024


Please note:

  • The Under 14 & Under 16 age groups will only run for 3 days, instead of the 4 days they traditionally have. But teams will still play the same number of matches across the course of the Event. The Under 18 Boys & Girls was successfully run over 3 days this year. This change will result in all participants requiring one fewer night of accommodation.
  • It is only possible to fit two age groups at one venue at a time. Hence the Under 14 & Under 16 girls will be together in Shepparton and the Under 14 & Under 16 Boys will be together in Bendigo. It is not possible to have them all at the same venue, there are not enough timeslots for the number of matches required.
  • The Under 12s will run in the two days prior to the Under 14s and Under 16s. This not only means that more Hockey 5s fields can be set up (as there is access to two full field pitches for the duration of the Event), but it also means that the Under 14s and Under 16s can fit into the 3 days. It is not possible to have the Under 12s running at the same time as Under 14s and Under 16s if we want those age groups to run over 3 days.
  • The Under 12s will again run as Hockey 5s, but with some rule modifications.
  • The Under 18 National Championships will again run in the school holidays in the middle of the year which clashes with the JSC for the other age groups. In 2024, the Under 18 JSC will run in September once more and this will be reviewed again following next years event.


Player Nominations

Player Nominations for the 2024 Junior State Championships will open at the start of 2024, with Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 trails likely to be held on Sunday 21st April, 2024. Under 18 trials are likely to be held on Sunday 14th July, 2024.

Zone Zone Coordinator Email Address
Gippsland Bulls Jude Bergmann & Clio Bergmann
North West Lightning Angela Poxon & Jane Finch
South West Eagles Mark Bridge
Central Metro Flames TBC
Eastern Metro Hotshots Alex Wong
North East Metro Red Devils Pam Trenery & Rob Moule
North West Metro Tigers Clarke Rossiter & Chris Pearson
Southern Metro Sharks Tina Papadopoulos & Laetitia Jooste
Western Metro Wildcats Rebecca Thomson & Christy Jeromson


Zone Player nominations for the 2024 Junior State Chmapionhips are now open. Please click the relevant link below for more information and to nominate. 



Nomination Link

Gippsland Bulls

North West Lightning

South West Eagles

Central Flames

Eastern Hotshots

North East Red Devils

North West Tigers

Southern Sharks

Western Wildcats


2024 Zone Coach Nominations are now open!

All Zones will appoint a Head Coach and Assistant Coach for each of their Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 teams. All Under 12 Hockey 5s teams will just have a Head Coach. 

Coaches will be responsible for delivering team training sessions (8 hours in total), coaching the team at the Event and provide an opportunity for all players to develop and have fun. For more information (including gratuity payment amounts) and to nominate, please use the appropriate link below:

2024 Regional Zone Coach nominations -

2024 Metropolitan Zone Coach nominations –


Nomination Closing Dates

Please submit nominations to coach Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 teams by 5.00pm Wednesday 17th April. 

Under 18 Coach nominations are due by 5.00pm  Wednesday 10th July


Working with Children Check Requirements

All coaches that are 18 years of age or older must hold a valid WWCC or VIT card. If you do not currently hold one, you must apply for one and be approved or you will not be eligible to be appointed. 

You can apply for a WWCC through this link - 

If you have a WWCC and are yet to link it with Hockey Victoria as an orgination, please do so at your earliest convenience by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Go to ‘MyCheck Login’
  3. Log in via ‘Email’ & ‘Password’
  4. Click ‘Change My Details’ (Located Left Hand Side of Page)
  5. Locate ‘Organisation Details’
  6. ‘Add An Organisation’
  7. Enter the details in relation to the business (Hockey Victoria)

Once this has been updated, Hockey Victoria (HV) will receive the individuals WWCC details in the mail.

2024 Outdoor Event Officiating Information

Expressions of interest to officiate at the 2024 Hockey Victoria Outdoor Events are now open. 


Important Information for Officials

For further information on officiating at the 2024 Junior State Championships, as well as the links to submit an EOI please click here. Please ensure you read through this information BEFORE submitting an EOI to officiate at the Junior State Championships. 


EOI Closing Dates & Links


EOI Closing Date

EOI Link

Tournament Director/Assistant Tournament Director

5.00pm Monday 26th February

please click here

Umpire Manager/Assistant Umpire Manager/Umpire Coach

5.00pm Monday 26th February

please click here


5.00pm Wednesday 1st May

please click here

Technical Officials (JSC only)

5.00pm Wednesday 1st May

please click here

From 2020, all JSC uniforms will be produced by GAME Clothing (the same supplier that manufacture the HV State Team Uniforms).

Those that have existing shorts, skorts and socks from the previous supplier can continue to use them. But those requiring new shorts, skorts and socks will need to purchase them through GAME Clothing (further details provided once teams are selected).

All selected players receive a new playing shirt or Goalkeeper smock (as applicable) included in their fee to participate, these will all be produced by Game Clothing. Players will be required to provide their size for these items when they nominate. 

Selected players will be emailed with a link to purchase all other uniform items through the Game Clothing online shope. 

When providing your size for your shirt or GK smocks through the nominations, please refer to the below sizing charts:




Zone 2023 Teams
Gippsland Bulls 2023 Gippsland Bulls Teams
North West Lightning 2023 North West Lightning Teams
South West Eagles 2023 South West Eagles Teams
Central Flames 2023 Central Flames Teams
Eastern Hotshots 2023 Eastern Hotshots Teams
North East Red Devils 2023 North East Red Devils
North West Tigers  2023 North West Tigers Teams
Southern Sharks 2023 Southern Sharks Teams
Western Wildcats 2023 Western Wildcats Teams


Interested in filling a postion with another Zone? 

If you missed out on selection, but would still like to participate in the Event, there may be an opportunity to do so with another Zone.

If you are interested, please use the below link to register your interest by 9.00am Monday 1st May.

2023 Top-up Player Expressions of Interest Link

Please do not contact Zone Coordinators directly regarding vacancies in teams. Only those that submit their interest through this link will be considered.

Please note that this does not guarantee you a position as opportunities are very limited. It should be noted that it is highly unlikely that opportunities will exist with metro teams, so please consider listing regional zones when asked to provide your preferences.

Zone Link to Teams
Gippsland Bulls Please click here
South West Eagles Please click here
North West Lightning Please click here
Central Flames  Please click here
Eastern Hotshots Please click here
North East Red Devils Please click here
North West Tigers Please click here
Southern Sharks Please click here
Western Wildcats Please click here


Selected teams for the 2022 Grassports Junior State Championships are due to be announced at 5.00pm on Tuesday 5th April. They will appear here at that time. 

Zone Link to view Selected Teams
Gippsland Bulls 2022 Gippsland Bulls Selected Teams
North East Knights 2022 North East Knights Selected Teams
North West Lightning 2022 North West Lightning Selected Teams
South West Eagles 2022 South West Eagles Selected Teams
Central Flames 2022 Central Flames Selected Teams
Eastern Hotshots 2022 Eastern Hotshots Selected Teams
North East Red Devils 2022 North East Red Devils Selected Teams
North West Tigers 2022 North West Tigers Selected Teams
Southern Sharks 2022 Southern Sharks Selected Teams
Western Wildcats 2022 Western Wildcats Selected Teams


Opportunities to fill vacancies in other Zones

Should you have been unsuccessful in gaining selection into your Zone team, there are opportunities to fill vacancies in other Zones. Please use this link to submit an EOI (be sure to read all the information on the EOI page before making your submission) -

As indicated on the nomination page, there is no feedback provided to players that trialed for their Zone teams. 

2021 Champions

Under 13 Girls - Eastern Hotshots

Under 15 Girls - Gippsland Bulls

Under 18 Girls - Eastern Hotshots

Under 13 Boys - North East Red Devils

Under 15 Boys - Western Wildcats

Under 18 Boys - Western Wildcats


2022 Champions

Under 13 Girls - Western Wildcats

Under 15 Girls - Eastern Hotshots

Under 18 Girls - Eastern Hotshots

Under 13 Boys - North West Tigers

Under 15 Boys - Central Flames

Under 18 Boys - Eastern Hotshots


2023 Champions

Under 12 Girls - North West Tigers (Roar)

Under 14 Girls - Eastern Hotshots

Under 16 Girls - North East Red Devils

Under 18 Girls - Central Flames

Under 12 Boys - North East Red Devils (Red)

Under 14 Boys - Central Flames

Under 16 Boys - Western Wildcats

Under 18 Boys - Central Flames

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