Fair Go Sport Round 2016

Hockey Victoria is pleased to announce the dates for Fair Go Sport Round 2016.

The Round will run from Friday the 5th of August  through to Wednesday the 10th of August 2016.

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Wodonga Hockey Club takes a stand against homophobia

Wodonga Hockey Club says "Fair Go" to homophobia

The Wodonga Hockey Club is taking a stand against homophobia and is urging other local clubs and sporting codes to join in. Read more from The Border Mail:

Hockey Victoria congratulates Wodonga Hockey Club for promoting sexual and gender diversity throughout the community.


VEOHRC Transgender people and Sport Guidelines

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has launched (on Saturday, 31 January) a groundbreaking guideline designed to promote the participation of transgender people in sport.

The 40-page guideline is believed to be the most comprehensive document ever produced in Australia detailing how anti-discrimination law applies to transgender people in sport.

Developed in consultation with major sporting organisations and community members, it spells out obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act regarding discrimination against transgender people in sport, while giving practical advice for sports clubs.

It is against the law for sports clubs to discriminate against a person based on their gender identity, except in limited circumstances where exceptions can apply.

The guideline dispels some of the confusion and myths surrounding transgender people in sport, such as transgender people will gain or seek to gain a competitive advantage by participating as their affirmed gender.

Transgender_people_and_sport_Guideline 2015.pdf

Fair Go Sport Round 2014 Wrap

Mid- Week as part of Fair Go Sport round saw some of the Best  State Goal keepers both past and present  come together to create a spectacular photo titled “Keeping Homophobia out of Hockey”. The photo shoot was the brain child of Gus Johnston, who along with Hockey Victoria is leading the way for other sports around Fair Go Sport and getting the message into main stream media; including ABC News 24 and The Age Newspaper (if you would like to view this media please head to the links below).

Last weekend then saw the conclusion of Hockey Victoria 2014 Fair Go Sport Round, with more clubs getting on board to celebrate the round.

Essendon Ladies Hockey Club (ELHC) concluded phase two of its celebrations with all junior teams wearing rainbow sock. Additionally ELHC juniors’ hosted supper for their opposition teams to help celebrate Fair Go Sport round and talk about social diversity.

This year was MCC’s first year on board as a pilot club and they found some unique ways to celebrate the round. With a silent auction of handmade rainbow goods, including rainbow cushions made by one of its members, rainbow sandwiches, a cake competition and ribbons distributed to all player and supporters. MCC also had Clem Newton-Brown, the State Liberal member for Prahran, in attendance to present the fairest player medals for both Premier League Matches.

Melton Hockey Club also got into the spirt of the occasion by donning the rainbow socks, decorating the club in rainbow colours and even had rainbow face painting for the kids.

Kew Hockey Club and Doncaster Hockey Club also pulled on the rainbow socks in recognition of Fair Go Sport round. In a great show of sportsmanship Doncaster shared the experience with opposition side by handing over the Fair Go Sport wrist bands as they shook hands at the start of each match.

Hockey Victoria would like to congratulations to all clubs and associations for their continued support of this round and the initiative.

I will leave you with this great story which for Hockey Victoria really sums up Fair Go Sport Round.   “I received a call on Sunday evening from one of our female club members who is gay saying that she had seen her parents wearing the rainbow colours during the Fair Go Sport round, but she hadn't really discussed her sexuality with them properly before. This meant the world to her“. For us that really sums up what the project is about - acceptance and inclusion.

Gus Johnston’s article in The Age Newspaper:

ABC News 24 - News (01/08/2014 10:15) View Clip:


Fair Go Sport Round Part 1

This year Brunswick celebrated the round with all our team captains from U16 to Masters wearing rainbow socks.  Cr Sam Ratnam, Councillor responsible for Social diversity and reconciliation, tossed the coin at the start of the Men’s Vic League match against Greater Dandenong Warriors and presented the Best & Fairest medal after the game which was won by Max Kermonde the Brunswick Captain.

Penny Wolf from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission tossed the coin at the start of the Women’s Vic League 1 game against West Vic and presented the Best and Fairest medal after the game which was won by Tash van Velzen from Brunswick.

Camberwell Hockey Club chose an innovative way to celebrate the round by making its own youtube video.  The video highlights various members views and opinions about the Fair go, sport project and what is means to them.  They also asked the juniors to show support for the initiative by writing and drawing a club Muriel.  Most children chose to draw their hand, put their name on it and write words like “respect”, “equal” and “support”.  All men’s and women’s PL and PLR teams wore the rainbow socks in support of sexual and gender diversity in sport.

Peter Gourlay and Penny Wolf from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission were also in attendance to present trophies and medals at the end of the Men’s Premier League match.

Essendon Ladies celebrated FGS round with market stalls with rainbow bakes, rainbow jelly, books, plants, and all kinds of goodies. All teams who played at home wore different coloured socks with Fair go sport and ELHC written on them.  The juniors will this weekend wear rainbow socks and share supper with the opposition. Essendon Ladies also used their IT skills to put together a youtube clip with their version of “You can Play”.

Kew Hockey club got into the spirit of the occasion by donning the rainbow socks and presenting Fair go, sport medals at their top league matches.

To celebrate Fair Go, Sport! MHSOB HC promoted fairness and equality by wearing the Rainbow Socks and carrying out presentations to the person that embodies these values.

Hockey Victoria’s CEO, Andrew Skillern brought the Fair go, sport message to the regional areas where he promoted the gender diversity message to the Wimmera region whilst joining in and playing with the locals.  Andrew presented medals at the games to Players of the match who “upheld the true spirit of fair play” throughout the game.

‘Fair go, sport!’ Week kicked off in unfamiliar territory, in Dimboola in North West Country Victoria last Friday night.  Senior matches between Nhill and Dimboola in both the men’s and women’s a fantastic introduction to the weekend’s celebration of sexual diversity in our sport.  All senior Men’s and Women’s matches had the best and fairest player from both teams awarded with a medal which was a symbol of the associations support in providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive sport for the Wimmera community. 

The Fair go, sport! medallist from the Wimmera Hockey Association were:




Dimboola Women: Annabel Askin

Nhill Thunderbirds: Helen Cannell

Warrack Women: Linley Arnold-Wardle

Horsham Highlanders: Lucy O’Connor

Yanac Women: Louise Bone

Kaniva Women: Julie Braisby



Dimboola Men: Nathan Jorgenson

Nhill Rangers: Mont Miller

Warrack Hoops: Paul Slater

Horsham Hurricanes: Stuart Hoffman

Yanac Tigers: Tom Cook

Kaniva Cobras: David Cole


Photos of the winners available via Wimmera Hockey Association Facebook Page at


CEO Andrew Skillern who participated in all the activities on Friday night wrote a short reflection piece on his visit.   


Last Friday night I travelled to Dimboola in the Wimmera to meet with the Wimmera Hockey Association executive and introduce the ‘Fair go, sport!’ initiative to the Association.  Home weekends in Dimboola now feature two senior Friday night matches which I was thrilled to be part of.  In a commitment to the ‘Fair go, sport!’ initiative I participated in the Nhill v Dimboola Men’s match wearing the Fair go, sport! socks and whilst the socks look great, unfortunately the side I participated in Nhill were on the receiving end of a 5-1 loss.  Not that that matters the Nhill Men fought hard for the whole 70 minutes. 


The experience itself was just fantastic. Not only wearing the socks and proudly demonstrating our sports and my personal commitment to ensuring hockey is viewed as an inclusive sport for all Victorian’s, but also the advertisement that hockey is, when you just experience and take in the environment around the ground.  Great spirit, fair play and the behaviour towards the umpires by the players and spectators were simply outstanding.  I asked Association President Helen Cannell what she thought was the impetus to such a wonderful culture within the Association.  She replied ‘we always get along, it’s what we have always done’. 


On my drive home I wondered why is the experience so different between associations and codes of sport?  Back in Melbourne I still don’t have the exact answer but what I do know is that we should celebrate the good work that our clubs and associations are doing in the community to foster safe environments for the community to come and enjoy the benefits of sport.  I requested a video from the association in the coming weeks of their post-match ritual.  It is incredible and such a wonderful demonstration of the inclusivity of our sport.  I look forward to sharing the video with the wider Victorian hockey community in the coming weeks. 


Also check out the videos Camberwell and Essendon Ladies Hockey Clubs have created. 

For the ELHC Video scroll a little further down the page and for Camberwell Hockey Club's Video on Facebook.

Please remember ‘Fair go, sport!’ week continues with this weekends matches. 


Congratulations to all clubs and associations for their continued support of this round and the initiative. 


Other Clubs will continue to celebrate FGS over the coming weekend.  






You Can Play - An anti-homophobia in sport initiative


2014 Pride March

Hockey Victoria CEO, Ben Hartung, would like to extend a personal invitation to all Hockey Victoria Affiliates, their members and supporters to join Hockey Victoria and other sports in participating in the 2014 Victorian Pride March.

Pride March recognises and celebrates the people and events that inspire the courage, solidarity, pride and diversity and strong sense of community of Victoria’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and transgender people.

As part of Hockey Victoria’s commitment to increase the awareness and celebrate sexual and gender diversity in hockey and to promote safe, welcoming and inclusive hockey environments through our Fair go, sport! project, Hockey Victoria has proudly supported the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and joined with their team and other sports to take a stand against homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and the physical and psychological harm that these forms of discrimination can cause.

The Details

Date:           Sunday 2nd February 2014

Time:          1.30pm meet for 2.00pm start

Place:          Corner of Fitzroy Street and Lakeside Drive in St Kilda

Route:        Fitzroy Street through to Catani Gardens

"Participating in the Pride March is one very important way that members of the hockey community can actively demonstrate their commitment to the objectives of the Fair go, sport! project," Mr Hartung said. 

"Over the last few months it has been brilliant to see Football Federation Victoria, Basketball Victoria, Cycling Victoria, Skate Victoria and Roller Derby follow Hockey Victoria’s lead and sign up to the Fair go, sport! project and I am sure that they will have members of their sporting communities out in force to participate in the Pride March which will significantly increase sports presence in the Pride March. 

"The Hockey Victoria Fair go, sport! pilot and project clubs have supported previous Pride Marches and it would be great to see representation from other clubs at next year’s March." 


Fair go, sport! Promoting sexual and gender diversity in hockey

Melton HC says no to homophobia

Melton HC says no to homophobia

Project Aim

To increase awareness of sexual and gender diversity in hockey and promote safe and inclusive environments; and develop a flexible model of engagement that can be adapted for other sporting codes and their governing bodies.

Project Objectives
• To engage key stakeholders in identifying existing policies, codes and procedures, and map experiences, practices, attitudes and perceptions in order to develop pilot interventions at all levels of hockey

• To develop, with key stakeholders, pilot interventions that promote safe and inclusive environments and reduce homophobia
• To develop a flexible model for safe and inclusive environments in hockey which is transferable to other sports

Why Hockey?
Hockey was chosen because it is a mid-size, team-based sport with a good balance of genders.  Hockey has been identified as the national sporting code, and Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria have offered strong support and commitment.

Project Partners
The project is a joint initiative of Hockey Victoria, Hockey Australia and the Australian Sports Commission (who is also funding the project), and managed by the Victorian Equal Opportunities and Human Rights Commission.

Peter Gourlay (from the Victorian Equal Opportunities Human Rights Commission) is the Project Officer.

A representative Steering Committee has been established.

Timeline and Approach
The 12 month project commenced in June 2010 and will develop and trial:

• appropriate methods for engaging and educating participants at various levels of the identified sport, including for example administrators, managers, board members, coaches, officials, players and spectators at the local, state and national level;

• resources and template tools which outline good practice strategies for engaging with and responding to issues of gender and sexuality using club-specific and code-wide approaches; and

• a model for engagement that can be adapted within other sporting contexts.

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University has been contracted as the project evaluators. Specifically, the project will be working with Sue Dyson and Gillian Fletcher. This evaluation will:

• ascertain the extent to which the project has met its objectives;
• identify key factors for success of the engagement model and its sustainability; and
• assess the impact the project has had on key stakeholders.

For further information:
Peter Gourlay, VEOHRC
03 9032 3420 or email:

Gus Johnston: The reality of homophobia in sport

Courage on & off the field - all sports should follow
By: Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

The courageous YouTube clip created by elite hockey player Gus Johnston highlights the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) sports people, and the need for all clubs and codes to work harder to be inclusive, Acting Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Karen Toohey said today.

Ms Toohey said sports clubs would know they were truly inclusive when a player’s sexuality, race or gender identity were no longer cause for comment.

“Unwelcoming behaviour doesn’t have to be overt and blatant. In fact, often the hardest thing for GLBTI players is the unspoken, persistent assumption among their teammates that everyone in the club is straight. That belief alone is often enough to persuade people to hide their sexuality,” Ms Toohey said.

“In sharing his story with such honesty and courage, Gus has shone a light on the fact that exclusion in all its forms – and homophobia in particular – can impact profoundly on the health and wellbeing of individuals, and on the life and success of a club.”

Ms Toohey commended Hockey Victoria for its leadership in taking part in the Fair go, sport! project.

“Fair go, sport! is not about coming out, but about helping clubs create safe, supportive and inclusive sporting environments through awareness, education and leadership, as well as inclusive codes, policies, procedures, and events. By getting involved, Hockey Victoria has put out the welcome mat to all players,” Ms Toohey said.

And Ms Toohey said the project will be a beacon for other codes.

“We would welcome more codes making the effort to create inclusive, accepting cultures within clubs. Many sports believe they don’t have a problem because no-one ever reveals there’s a problem. Yet research tells us almost four out of five GLBTI people who play mainstream sport have not revealed their sexual or gender identity to their team mates,” she said.

“Research also shows sporting environments are a key site for homophobic harassment, discrimination and exclusion for GLBTI people. This video makes it clear that GLBTI people involved in mainstream sports may be concealing their sexuality because they are waiting for a safe, welcoming environment. All sporting clubs and codes have a responsibility to become that kind of environment.”


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