Fair Go Sport Round 2016

Hockey Victoria is pleased to announce the dates for Fair Go Sport Round 2016.

The Round will run from Friday the 5th of August  through to Wednesday the 10th of August 2016.

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VEOHRC Transgender people and Sport Guidelines

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has launched (on Saturday, 31 January) a groundbreaking guideline designed to promote the participation of transgender people in sport.

The 40-page guideline is believed to be the most comprehensive document ever produced in Australia detailing how anti-discrimination law applies to transgender people in sport.

Developed in consultation with major sporting organisations and community members, it spells out obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act regarding discrimination against transgender people in sport, while giving practical advice for sports clubs.

It is against the law for sports clubs to discriminate against a person based on their gender identity, except in limited circumstances where exceptions can apply.

The guideline dispels some of the confusion and myths surrounding transgender people in sport, such as transgender people will gain or seek to gain a competitive advantage by participating as their affirmed gender.

Transgender_people_and_sport_Guideline 2015.pdf

You Can Play - An anti-homophobia in sport initiative


Gus Johnston: The reality of homophobia in sport

Courage on & off the field - all sports should follow
By: Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

The courageous YouTube clip created by elite hockey player Gus Johnston highlights the challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) sports people, and the need for all clubs and codes to work harder to be inclusive, Acting Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Karen Toohey said today.

Ms Toohey said sports clubs would know they were truly inclusive when a player’s sexuality, race or gender identity were no longer cause for comment.

“Unwelcoming behaviour doesn’t have to be overt and blatant. In fact, often the hardest thing for GLBTI players is the unspoken, persistent assumption among their teammates that everyone in the club is straight. That belief alone is often enough to persuade people to hide their sexuality,” Ms Toohey said.

“In sharing his story with such honesty and courage, Gus has shone a light on the fact that exclusion in all its forms – and homophobia in particular – can impact profoundly on the health and wellbeing of individuals, and on the life and success of a club.”

Ms Toohey commended Hockey Victoria for its leadership in taking part in the Fair go, sport! project.

“Fair go, sport! is not about coming out, but about helping clubs create safe, supportive and inclusive sporting environments through awareness, education and leadership, as well as inclusive codes, policies, procedures, and events. By getting involved, Hockey Victoria has put out the welcome mat to all players,” Ms Toohey said.

And Ms Toohey said the project will be a beacon for other codes.

“We would welcome more codes making the effort to create inclusive, accepting cultures within clubs. Many sports believe they don’t have a problem because no-one ever reveals there’s a problem. Yet research tells us almost four out of five GLBTI people who play mainstream sport have not revealed their sexual or gender identity to their team mates,” she said.

“Research also shows sporting environments are a key site for homophobic harassment, discrimination and exclusion for GLBTI people. This video makes it clear that GLBTI people involved in mainstream sports may be concealing their sexuality because they are waiting for a safe, welcoming environment. All sporting clubs and codes have a responsibility to become that kind of environment.”

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